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One of my main goals with this blog is to encourage others to try to find new creative interests. Growing up, I always longed to have artistic talent that I admired in others—the ability to paint, draw, or design. While some people are certainly gifted with loads of natural talent, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us are doomed to never being able to enjoy drawing or painting! Everyone, even the talented people, has to practice and study their craft. Anyone can learn.

One of the things that I really enjoy is painting with watercolors. A few years ago, I knew nothing about watercolors, but with some digging, found some great resources to get me started. Now, I can at least make something that I think is pretty, which is my personal goal with painting! So, without further ado, here is a guide to help YOU get started with watercolors. This is a collection of beginner classes, tutorials, blogs, and inspiration to get you started on learning how to create something that you love.

As I’ve mentioned before, Skillshare is one of my favorite platforms for learning creative arts. I’ve taken several watercolor classes through Skillshare.

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Ana Victoriana Calderon: Modern Watercolor Techniques

This is hands down my favorite watercolor class. I love Ana’s style and the video is clear and professional. You can tell that she knows her stuff, too!

Ana Victoriana Calderon: Watercolor Textures

Ana’s second class. Also great and very helpful!

Peggy Dean: Watercolor: 10 Easy Projects Anyone Can Paint

Peggy Dean always produces quality classes on Skillshare. This one is quick and gives almost instant gratification with each segment.


Another great place to learn is from blogs and tutorials. I consulted several blogs to pick out supplies and gain knowledge and inspiration.

The Postman’s Knock – This is a great, informative blog post to get you started.

Adventures in Making – Another great, informative (and basic) post.

Inkstruck – This is a great series with watercolor tutorials!

A Beginner's Resource guide to Watercolor

Finally, here are my favorite instagram accounts for daily inspiration and mini tutorials:

Honey Bops Design

Yao Cheng Design

Ana Victoriana


Jane Davenport


All of that should give you a pretty good start in watercolor technique! For more helpful links and inspiration, check out my watercolor board on Pinterest.


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