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5 Free Instagram Story Cover Collections + Tutorial

5 Free Instagram Story Cover Collections + Tutorial


If you’re even a casual Instagram user, you know that stories have been the new big thing for a while now. I have to admit, I was very late onto the story train, and even later on saving story highlights. You’ve probably seen your favorite influencer with sleek, coordinated story highlight covers, and you may have wondered where they came from. And now you can instantly transform and spiff up your Instagram profile too! I’ve created a minimalist Instagram story highlight cover collection in 5 different colors for you to download for free. I’ll also provide a brief tutorial so you can make your own custom collection!

Each collection comes with 6 icons—a house, a baby, a leaf, a bow, a cup, and a paintbrush. It also includes one blank color background in case you need to create a different image or just want a plain background.


Creating your own is very simple but requires you to have the right tools. I made mine with the Procreate App for the iPad Pro. Other programs that would work are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Both are available for a free 30 day trial here.

To make your own, create a new canvas in whichever program you choose. Make it 1080x1920px.

Photoshop: Create a new color fill layer in whichever color you want your background. Add a new layer. Use the pen tool (P) to create your shape on the empty layer. Make sure your fill for your pen tool is set to none and make your stroke whatever color you would like your image to be. I liked the thickness at 3pt. You can also import in an image to trace over. Just make sure it’s on a separate layer from your pen tool so you can delete it or turn it off when you want to save your image!

5 free instagram story covers

5 free instagram story covers

5 free instagram story covers

Illustrator: Draw a rectangle (M) to cover your layer. Set the fill color to whatever you’d like your background to be. On a new layer, select the pen tool (P). Under properties, set the fill to none and the stroke to whatever color you’d like your image to be. I found that I preferred the stroke width at 3pt. Draw your image using the pen tool. Just like with photoshop, you can import in a photo to trace over. Just make sure it’s on a separate layer from the one you’re drawing on.

5 free instagram story covers

5 free instagram story covers

Procreate: Drag and drop your background color onto the canvas to fill the layer. Add a new layer. I used the “gel pen” that came with the app. Draw whatever shape you want! I used the symmetry guide for the shapes that were mirrored. Again, you can import in a photo to trace over and delete if wanted.

Save your image as a jpeg and import to your phone.

If you wanted to add a new image to one of the collections I’ve provided, simply import in the blank photo in the desired color and use that as your background in your selected program.

I know this is a brief tutorial. If you have any questions or would like more in depth info, let me know! I am also planning an upcoming post on using the pen tool in Illustrator and Photoshop.

To make your cover, first upload the images to your story. Then, from your profile, select the + by story highlights. Select your image as the cover. You can edit the cover to make sure the art is in the center.

Enjoy how pulled together your Instagram profile looks now with minimal effort!

I would love to have you follow me on Instagram. Drop a comment with your user name and I am happy to follow back!

Get your free story highlights collections below! They are organized by color and you will receive instant access after you complete the form.

Free Instagram Story Covers

Free Instagram Story Covers

Make an Easy Watercolor Background on Your iPad or iPhone

Make an Easy Watercolor Background on Your iPad or iPhone

Watercolor backgrounds are a great design element, but you have to have a bit of time and equipment to make them. I found myself wanting some backgrounds in new colors but never having time to get around to creating some. Then, I discovered a way to quickly produce already digitized, transparent watercolor backgrounds! This is a huge timesaver and I will show you exactly how to do it.

In my previous posts, I shared how to make a watercolor background and remove the background in photoshop. To make these quick digital backgrounds, all you’ll need is the free app Adobe Sketch. Then, follow along with the video to create your background!

I also included a quick tutorial to show you how to use this background in Procreate or Photoshop. By using blending modes, you can put your watercolor background in almost anything. This is a great way to make printables and digital downloads that you could sell on Etsy or your website.

Instructions: Download the app “Adobe Sketch” on your iPhone or iPad. You will need to login or create a free Adobe ID. Choose your canvas size and then choose the “watercolor flat brush.” Make your brush pretty big and select your color. Start laying down strokes of your color. You can adjust how saturated the color is by adjusting the “flow.” You’ll notice that the strokes mix and blend as you paint.

Choose different shades and variations of the color you’ve chosen for your background. Blend these shades together by adding small strokes of different shades. When in doubt, keep blending! When you are happy with how the background looks, click the share button. You can send it in layers to your Adobe creative suite if you are a subscriber, or you can share or save your image.

If you want to put your watercolor background into lettering, import the photo into Procreate or Photoshop. Set the blend mode to “Lighten.” Add a layer beneath your watercolor background layer. Anything that you draw or type on this layer in black will reveal the watercolor texture beneath!

How to Make a Watercolor Background on your iPad or iPhone

So there you have it! I promise I won’t always talk about watercolors, but this one is so easy and produces lovely results. Now, you can experiment with different colors and make backgrounds to your heart’s content. These will not look quite as organic as the real thing, but you can still get really beautiful results without photoshop, a scanner, or any actual paint. Plus, since it’s an app on your phone or tablet, you can make backgrounds anywhere and anytime!

Even if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can STILL grab four free backgrounds that I’ve made. Just sign up below and you’ll be able to download the backgrounds instantly.

I’d love to see your creations. Tag me on instagram @hannah_lynne and follow me on Pinterest for more design tutorials!

how to make a watercolor background using your phone

How to Make a Watercolor background using your phone