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Scope for Imagination: 8 Beautiful Bouquets to Paint

Scope for Imagination: 8 Beautiful Bouquets to Paint

I hope you’re not tired of florals yet! To wrap up this watercolor series, I want to share with you plenty of beautiful bouquets to get you inspired and excited to paint. Scroll through and find one that speaks to you! All photographs are credited and used with permission. 

The sunflower bouquet is very special to me, as it was my own bouquet! I have a whole pinterest board full of beautiful bouquets and flowers if you need more inspiration. I’d love to see any bouquets you may paint! Tag me on instagram @hannah_lynne or drop a link in the comments.

A Beginner’s Resource Guide to Watercolor Florals

A Beginner’s Resource Guide to Watercolor Florals

There’s just something about watercolor florals that I will always love. The delicacy of watercolors paired with fresh, sweet flowers is irresistible to me. I know I’m not alone in my love of watercolor florals as they are very popular right now! So, here is a compilation of classes, blogs, and inspiration to get you started on painting beautiful florals.

If you have never painted with watercolors before, see part one of this series!


Peggy Dean: Watercolor Loose Florals

I love Peggy Dean’s style, and she is a great teacher. She walks you through her process step by step.

Victoria Johnson: Learn to Create Gestural Florals

Victoria Johnson offers a little bit different style to help you create loose bouquets.

Juliet Meeks: Paint Expressive Florals

I love Juliet Meeks’ flowers. This class is less of a how to, but she shows herself painting different flowers as you follow along at your own pace.

Yao Cheng: Painting Florals

Yao is one of my favorite artists. Being able to watch her class and technique for watercolor florals is a dream come true!

Free Resources:

This is a relaxing video that allows you to observe technique and see how a full painting is arranged.

This is a lovely step by step of painting watercolor peonies! The end result is gorgeous.


Follow my watercolor board on pinterest for plenty of inspirational pictures and tutorials!

Here are a couple of my favorite floral instagram accounts:

Juliet Meeks Design

Indy Bloom Design

Do you have a favorite resource, tutorial, or class? Share below!