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Have you ever wondered how you might monetize your creative pursuits? The internet has provided endless ways to connect, share, sell, and buy. This is great news for budding creatives! Sure, you could just sell original pieces, but technology and the web have provided dozens of fun ways to produce and sell your artwork. Read on for some ways you can use digital versions of your art to make some cash!

Creative ways to make money with doodles

Digitizing your art really opens up your possibilities. With a digital copy, you can produce an endless supply of your artwork and put it on a variety of products or prints. This is a good blog post on the subject, or here is a Skillshare class with a few different methods.

  • Create vectors with your literal doodles! These can be packaged into a collection and sold on your website or a website like Etsy. Here is one class to explain the process to you. Here’s another one.
  • Love to make cute little watercolor animals, fruits, flowers, or other illustrations? Try creating downloadable sticker packs or clip art with a collection or your work!

Creative ways to make money with doodles

  • If you love doing line art, try your hand at making some intricate adult coloring pages for download. Mandalas and botanical scenes seem to be pretty popular!
  • Use a service like RedBubble, Printful, or Society 6 to add your artwork to shirts, phone cases, pillows, hats, and more. With RedBubble and Society 6, your items can be found by users on these sites. With Printful, you list the products in your own shop and connect to Printful. RedBubble also allows you to add their products into your personal shop.
  • Are you great at arranging repeating patterns? Put your artwork onto fabric using Spoonflower.
  • Are you a whiz at creating interesting textures and backgrounds in Procreate, Photoshop, or Illustrator? Package some backgrounds together and sell them as stock images or digital scrapbook papers.
  • Do you love to create hand-lettered phrases? Try putting your witty sayings on mugs, shirts, or wall art using Printful! Watch this Skillshare class for some in depth info on using this process with Etsy.

None of these are get rich quick schemes, but they can add some extra money each month and give you reasons to make something that you love!

I would love to know if you’ve tried any of these ways to make some money with your art. Comment below!