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There’s just something about watercolor florals that I will always love. The delicacy of watercolors paired with fresh, sweet flowers is irresistible to me. I know I’m not alone in my love of watercolor florals as they are very popular right now! So, here is a compilation of classes, blogs, and inspiration to get you started on painting beautiful florals.

If you have never painted with watercolors before, see part one of this series!


Peggy Dean: Watercolor Loose Florals

I love Peggy Dean’s style, and she is a great teacher. She walks you through her process step by step.

Victoria Johnson: Learn to Create Gestural Florals

Victoria Johnson offers a little bit different style to help you create loose bouquets.

Juliet Meeks: Paint Expressive Florals

I love Juliet Meeks’ flowers. This class is less of a how to, but she shows herself painting different flowers as you follow along at your own pace.

Yao Cheng: Painting Florals

Yao is one of my favorite artists. Being able to watch her class and technique for watercolor florals is a dream come true!

Free Resources:

This is a relaxing video that allows you to observe technique and see how a full painting is arranged.

This is a lovely step by step of painting watercolor peonies! The end result is gorgeous.


Follow my watercolor board on pinterest for plenty of inspirational pictures and tutorials!

Here are a couple of my favorite floral instagram accounts:

Juliet Meeks Design

Indy Bloom Design

Do you have a favorite resource, tutorial, or class? Share below!