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Brush lettering is one of the most popular skills amongst artsy people these days, it seems. It’s all over instagram and is one of those things I really wanted to learn but thought I wasn’t any good at. After finding out more about the tools and techniques, I was pleasantly surprised that it’s really not difficult to pick up. While it may take a quite a bit of practice to get that lovely consistency that is a hallmark of brush lettering, the actual principles are pretty simple. The good news is that it is not difficult to learn, has nothing to do with your actual handwriting, and supplies are inexpensive! I love looking at tutorials and examples from several different people, as everyone has their own style of lettering. These are my personal favorite resources that I have used myself to learn the basics of brush lettering.

As usual, Skillshare has plenty of excellent classes to choose from. Brush lettering is the very first thing I ever looked up on Skillshare a few years back (I didn’t even know what it was called then!) and seeing that I could actually watch a class and learn brush lettering is what sold me on the subscription.

Type Stuff: Brush Lettering Made Simple 

The first class I took! This is more an overview of what brush lettering is. It’s not as in depth as some of the other videos, but I enjoy the style and basics you get in this video.

Emma Witte: ABCs of Brush Pen Lettering 

This is another short class, but I love how Emma breaks down each letter into its individual pieces. Her class helped me understand lettering a lot more!

Peggy Dean: Brush Lettering: The Beginner’s Guide 

I recommend Peggy’s videos a lot. There’s a reason she has so many followers on instagram and Skillshare. She’s very talented!

Teela Cunningham: Waterbrush Lettering Essentials 

Teela walks you through how to use a really fun brush lettering tool in this class. She is always very clear in her directions and I love how her projects turn out.

Here are some free youtube videos to get you started!

How To: Calligraphy and Hand Lettering for Beginners 

Basic Strokes (Beginner Calligraphy 101)

I’ve also gotten a lot of help and information from blog posts on this subject. All of these posts include free practice sheets, which are an important part of learning how to form your letters correctly.

This set of practice sheets is excellent! I actually use this one on my iPad in Procreate a lot.

These practice sheets include difficult words and double letters for you to practice.

This blog post is also a full how to post to get you started, as well as including free practice sheets.

Now that you have plenty of resources and beginning points, start lettering! It is so relaxing and it really doesn’t take long for you to start making pretty letters and words, so you can get almost instant gratification.