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Are you harnessing the power of Pinterest for your blog or business? Maybe you’ve heard that you need to be using Pinterest to boost your website traffic, but you’re just not getting results. See if you’re making one of these 5 common mistakes that hurt your Pinterest stats!

I remember discovering Pinterest many years ago and pinning all kinds of random pictures, posts, and crafts. I created silly board names and crafted a Pinterest account that was totally me. However, once I started learning about blogging, I discovered that Pinterest is a powerful tool to get blog posts out in the wild. But, I needed to increase my follower count and profile views to effectively get my pins out. With my disorganized and very specific to me account, there was no way that I would attract any more followers! I’ve now incorporated a few simple strategies that have been steadily gaining me followers and page views. I will share the mistakes I was making with my account and how I fixed them to achieve this!

  1. Having boards and pins that are specific to only you – My boards were very personalized to me, and because I had given them silly names, they weren’t going to turn up in searches accurately. The first step to an attractive Pinterest profile is to curate your boards and pins to appeal to and attract your desired audience. I chose to make all of my personal boards secret, so I can still access them. Then, I brainstormed and came up with boards that related to my blog. I also thought about who I wanted my blog readers to be and tailored my boards and choices to them. I created new boards that I thought would appeal to my audience. I then began filling those boards up with relevant pins.
5 Mistakes You're Making on Pinterest

See all of the silly board names in the bottom example? These boards would not show up in a search because people aren’t searching for “dipstick.” The example on the top is organized, much cleaner, and more likely to show up in a search.

  1. Not pinning consistently – For years as a casual Pinterest user, I would hop on Pinterest when I wanted to find a recipe or craft, save several pins at a time, and then not get back on for days. If you are wanting to increase viewers and followers, this is a poor strategy. You want to show Pinterest that you are an engaged and active user! 30 pins per day is the hallmark for many bloggers. Tailwind, a helpful Pinterest scheduler, has found that pinning more than 50 times every day can be detrimental, so you don’t have to wear yourself thin with pinning! Using a scheduler like Tailwind can also help you keep pinning consistently.
  1. Not having great Pinterest images on your blog – If you only have regular photos on your blog, visitors will be less inclined to pin them and Pinterest users won’t know what the photo is about. In each of your blog posts, make sure to include a long Pinterest image that you and visitors to your site can pin. Pinterest recommends 600x900 as the ideal size. This will create a long, vertical pin that will stand out on Pinterest. Include information about your post and your blog name so that pinners can grow to recognize your blog!
5 Mistakes You're Making on Pinterest

Which image would you be more likely to pin? The one that just shows a picture, or the one that promises to show you exactly how to make what is pictured? Casual scrollers can quickly and easily identify that this is a tutorial with the pin on the left.

  1. Not including multiple pinnable images – This is one I still struggle with! Different people will be attracted to different designs, so creating a couple of different Pinterest images for one blog post can help your post receive more interest. And, you can keep track of any pin styles that work better for your blog and continue to use that design. Canva is a great place to start for great Pinterest images.
  1. Not including keyword rich descriptions – After looking at many different pins, I can tell you that this is one that a lot of people struggle with! You can have the most eye-catching, beautiful image ever, but no one will be able to find it if you don’t include a description with plenty of keywords. Provide a detailed description of your pin with appropriate keywords sprinkled in. And don’t forget to add hashtags! Pinterest very recently began allowing hashtag use in pins.

There is so much to learn in the realm of good Pinterest profile etiquette, and these tips only scratch the surface. However, these are things that you can fix RIGHT NOW that will start giving you results! My pageview and follower count have been climbing up since I’ve implemented these changes. If you have any questions, comment below and I would be happy to help! And I’d be honored to have you check out and follow my boards. I’m happy to follow back if you let me know in the comments!

5 Mistakes You're Making on Pinterest

5 Mistakes You’re Making on Pinterest